Friday, 16 December 2016

End of year Refection 2016

This year I have been hard at work to put up some of my best work that I am really proud of.

 This year we have been working very hard to complete our goals. 

I was really proud of my Position and Orientation I worked with Trent. The unique floor... 

Im also really proud of my RFW ( Random Friday Writing)

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Once upon a time there was a evil fish merman and he ruled the ocean he was so cruel he used seahorses as slaves to carry things around the ocean but one day a good worthy king (well a merman) challenged him to a duel so…

Master fishy-but (his name) had decided he would win so he said you can be master if you win but everyone knows I will he said they fighted and fighted but then the merman whacked him he fell to the sand then the merman punched wacked and slammed him until he could barely get up and then he swam him up to the  top of the ocean and used his strength to chuck him onto the sand and from now on master merman rules the ocean and treats everyone fairly so no-one is hurt or treated badly and now on the sea is ruled by king merman. Or master and they are all happy as can be…

But that was 1000 years ago he’s not alive surely so one fellow seahorse went down to see if he was. Sure enuf he was she closed her eyes then said i'm dreaming somebody pinch me then suddenly she said OUCH! It was the king himself! See couldn't believe her eyes it was him she felt like she was going to faint. So she went around the sea telling all sea creatures she knows that thought he was dead in the great sea war that's what we all thought. But when the word spread enough they all gathered round and celebrated again and say LONG LIVE THE KING! Everyone cheered they were all so happy he was still alive.

They were all so happy that the king decided to give out gifts they were all so excited some people got as little as a piece of seaweed and some people got as big as a diamond random gifs to everyone he said then suddenly a black hole came as they all swam all of them got away expect for this 5yr mermaid her mother and the king they ran
then suddenly the little girl fell and got caught up on some seaweed the king went back to get her the black hole got closer and closer then suddenly...

Thank you for all the people that have commented on my blog.

Hope you enjoyed your year of 2016
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Farewell to all of you!!

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